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Easter’s “Six Degrees”

I’m at a T-Mobile store waiting for my order to be complete, and the manager approaches me and says, “I hope you don’t mind, but you look just like Fred MacMurray…when he was older.” He gets the internet, and I … Continue reading

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Easter’s “langue des veaux”

I was sitting all by myself at the kitchen table after dinner. I was in third grade. Everyone had eaten and my mother was cleaning up. It was looking right at my mouth. My feet couldn’t touch the floor so … Continue reading

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“Follow the Fellow”

(The Christian seasons of Advent & Easter meets Jesus Christ through the music of Broadway) “On the day I was born, Said my father, said he. I’ve an elegant legacy Waitin’ for ye, ‘Tis rhyme for your lips And a … Continue reading

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Easter, “Amazing”

It began a couple of years ago. I was good at it for a long while, but slowly, I needed assistance. I couldn’t do it alone any longer. You could say that I didn’t trust myself anymore. I, I, I … Continue reading

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Lent’s Garbage Can

“Where Do We Put It?” Its shape is usually circular and placed in a corner of the kitchen. Not seen but available for those tossable tosses. Mine has a foot opener making it easier to dump, but cheaper folks need … Continue reading

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Palm Sunday: “Which Side of the Cross?”

We truly are a fickle lot. We wave our palm branches saluting him and then call out loudly next week for the release of not him but “Anthony Quinn, give us Anthony Quinn!” We promise ourselves to never swear again … Continue reading

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Easter: An Empty Tomb?

She travels to where he is buried, to pay homage or weep we don’t know. She mistakens an angel for a gardener and discovers the tomb is empty. Stolen? Misplaced? Joseph of Arimathea still owed money on the tomb? She … Continue reading

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Easter Dinner Prayer

“Easter’s Spring is a newness for everyone. Whether gainfully employed, unemploye or retired – something new awaits each of us. Pagan or Believer, this day has an impact on us all. This is a seasonal change and a religious reversal. … Continue reading

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Easter Suffering

The apostles “rejoiced that they were found worthy to suffer…” “Worthy?”  What kind of word is that?  “Unworthy” is the easy word we use to describe ourselves so that we’re not responsible for anything or anyone.  After all, I’m “unworthy.”  … Continue reading

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Easter 2015

How many Easters does this make for you?  15? 30? 75?  80? 90?  Here we go again with this Easter joy stuff. When I was young Easter meant searching for colorful Easter eggs carefully hidden all around our house.  We … Continue reading

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