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A Nurse

“The traffic was usual this morning but I still made it to work on time.  The Packers won, so I don’t know why everyone’s driving recklessly. But I’m here.  There’s the new nurse.  She looks nervous. I share with her … Continue reading

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“A Christmas Carol” Quotes

“A Christmas Carol,” 1951, Alastair Sim, (The only version worthwhile)  Spirit of Christmas Present: says, My time with you is at an end, Ebenezer Scrooge. Will you profit from what I’ve shown you of the good in most men’s hearts? … Continue reading

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“Waiting” Is Not An Art

The pizza guy is coming or so the girl told me on the phone. She’s the girl who sounds like she just graduated from grade school and my phone call is an inconvenience in her pending but unplanned life.  We … Continue reading

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Christmas: The Waiting Is Over

The waiting is over.  The waiting is truly over. The clock stopped The bus arrived The pot is boiling The movie started The bill’s been paid The alarm clock is buzzing Godot is standing in front of you The cat’s … Continue reading

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Alzheimer’s Reflection & Mass Prayers

“What time is it?” your husband asks you as you enter his room and he again wonders who this nice lady is visiting him. “It’s been an hour since I was last here,” you say to him because you just … Continue reading

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Life’s Six Nouns

“I’ve been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn and king,” sang the guy who knew what each word meant in his own life. If you think about your life as a musical composition you might appreciate … Continue reading

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Snow & Cancer

Around 5:00 p.m. the soft, fluffy white stuff slowly begins falling and a ballet can be heard in the background as the whiteness waves and winds itself to the earth joining other like-minded whitenesses – all done against an early … Continue reading

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A New Book: “Soulful Musings”

A Great Gift Idea A new book by Fr. Joe Jagodensky, SDS. Available at Paperback or Kindle is $14.95.  Enjoyable reading. This book begins with Angels and ends with Baptism. Stories include the Catholic Church in all its splendor … Continue reading

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a dentist & a priest meet a bartender

The hygienist does her magic as she does three times a year for the 32 friends I need to enjoy a New York Strip. My dentist enters to examine both her work and my teeth while leaning over me. The … Continue reading

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