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Deacon Carlos: “Baptism of Jesus”

(“Baptism of Jesus” sermon by Deacon Carlos Londono, Queen of Apostles Catholic Church in Pewaukee, WI.) Today the Church celebrates the Baptism of the Lord. We celebrate that the Lord Jesus is the one and the only one. At his … Continue reading

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Baptism by “Fire”

It’s 6:28 on a Saturday night. The radio announcer thanks his listeners for listening (who knows how many there are in Manitowoc), and he lets the record end as he runs out the door. He’s gone. My lifeline. The guy … Continue reading

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A Funeral with Adjectives

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” So St. John begins the last Gospel. The other three concern themselves with details, facts, stories chronicling the life of Jesus Christ. John … Continue reading

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The Face of the Blessed Mother

Let’s face it. This is an important day. (January 1) Honoring the Blessed Mother with a clear vision because it’s 2020 time. For a whole year, we heighten our vision. The way we look at things. The ways we perceive … Continue reading

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“Dysfunctional” Family?

Either Ozzie Nelson was left a lot of money or he made an imaginary income, but we know that he left the house. Harriet with pearls around her neck raised their two sons when only one mattered, Ricky Nelson. So … Continue reading

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“A Tiny Light,” Epiphany

Dusk begins and I finish my sermon for the next day. The laptop’s bright screen is pulled down. “Boy, it’s getting dark.” The small Christmas tree placed during Advent in my kitchen’s bay window is replaced by an overpriced but … Continue reading

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Immaculate Conception

As the Lutherans always ask us Catholics, “Why do you worship Mary?” We answer by saying we don’t “worship Mary” but we can understand their confusion. We are dumbfounded by this carrier of hope into our world. We are awestruck … Continue reading

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Gift of Grace

You’re in the checkout line buying milk. You grab a couple sticks of gum from the impulsive-shelves on both sides of you. You place the items on the belt and ask the cashier for three quarts of grace. She asks, … Continue reading

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“Price Check!”

It took me a long time to enter the store. I thought it was intended for those with meager means. I thought to myself, “Do I dress down before entering?” I used Kohl’s or Boston Store (closed) or Walmart or … Continue reading

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“I’m John,” With No Last Name

“Hi everybody. I’m John. I don’t have a last name. I guess there weren’t enough people in Bethany to make me need one. After all, I’m special, A-Number 1, King of the Hill. How many kids can say, “My mom … Continue reading

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