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Receiving the Host: You or It?

As usual we put ourselves first instead of the mystery.  As usual it’s about us and not the that which we receive. Years ago I’ve said that the “Body of Christ” is not a treat or reward for what you’ve … Continue reading

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Easter Suffering

The apostles “rejoiced that they were found worthy to suffer…” “Worthy?”  What kind of word is that?  “Unworthy” is the easy word we use to describe ourselves so that we’re not responsible for anything or anyone.  After all, I’m “unworthy.”  … Continue reading

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“The Wizard of Oz” and Faith

Twice a year if they’re lucky and perhaps a wedding or funeral thrown in defines their yearly active faith.  They’re believers but of a different kind.  They’re seeking the wizard when it’s the Munchkins that make a spiritual life meaningful. … Continue reading

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