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Counties of the Holy Spirit

It’s a state with counties familiar to us. The name may live within you, making it your “state of mind”. The northern county in this state is called “Courage” for its brute strength, often vengeful whose county symbol is bulging … Continue reading

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The Blind See & Others Don’t Listen

Based on this Lenten Reading A Hollywood story involves the legendary film director Alfred Hitchcock and one of his favorite leading ladies, Grace Kelly. Kelly had turned down the chance to star alongside Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront to … Continue reading

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One of my cats is captured by the bright light of my laptop as I write this and as the cloudy sunset captures mine. (It’s Wisconsin, what can I say? We have lots of “cloudy sun!”) The experts call it … Continue reading

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Unemployed Time

“I can do that in two days, Friday,” I say to myself and five seconds later realize that tomorrow is Friday. I laugh to myself and then a few tears fall. Tomorrow is Friday. Three words that escape someone who … Continue reading

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A Sunday “Swing”

The motion is simply back and forth but to a four-year-old, it’s reaching the stars on the “back” and familiar hands propelling him with the “forth.” Whatever thoughts contain a youngster are exchanged with the glory of this arc-movement. His … Continue reading

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