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Funeral Sermon for a Mother Who Loved Sunflowers

It points itself to the sun as though it’s the beginning and the end. It seeks the sun for energy and nourishment. It needs the sun in order to look like the sun. And, indeed, as it blossoms it does … Continue reading

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Trinity Sunday, “The Traffic Light”

Throughout our early education, we’re told that the light remains green for us all to fulfill all of our dreams. Some teachers may have mentioned those yellow or red colors. We didn’t hear that because our focus was only “green” … Continue reading

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Pentecost, “The Third Person?”

Dear Joe, (no respect) I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but I don’t mind it myself. You ever hear the saying about “three on a date;” just try it for an eternity and see how it feels. Once, God and Jesus rented … Continue reading

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Aging: “I Can’t Do It!”

“I can’t do it.” Have you ever heard four more unAmerican words in your life? “I can’t do it.” “Of course you can,” says your friendly neighbor who knows nothing about your condition except that American mandate. “Crawl if you … Continue reading

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