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My Funeral Music

I’d like a single harpist, preferably a woman wearing a white dress playing “Show Me The Way To Go Home” (Oldie) or “How Can I Be Sure” (The Young Rascals.) I know she needs to lug that thing into the … Continue reading

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“A Spatula for Jesus”

It was kept in her kitchen drawer so I could easily grab my wooden prop when visiting my grandmother on the many days my mother would say to me, “Go do something!” She’d begin her nap and hoping not to be nabbed, … Continue reading

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First Sunday of Lent

An older adult will never, ever begin a sentence with, “if memory serves me correctly.”  Just don’t hear it.  Because they know better. What I hear is, “It happened in 1946 or was it 1947?  It was either 1:00 a.m. … Continue reading

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“How To Tie A Bow Tie”

I found a cheap bow tie online and thought it’d be cool to wear one.  They seem to be coming back into style so why should I be left behind wearing those hanging things. I remember bow tie wearers from … Continue reading

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Being Fired: “The Car Crash”

You wake up in the morning as you have every morning for the past 24 months and prepare for another day at the job you’ve grown to appreciate and love.  Your fellow employees are easy to get to know and … Continue reading

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Lent: Season of Grace

The 40 days of Lent begin this Sunday.  For 40 long days we are not allowed to say the “a” word.  I wish I could tell you what the “a” word is but then I would tell you what I’m … Continue reading

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The Lost Belly Button

In a outpatient medical procedure my friend will lose the most physical connection to his mother.  (Where’s Freud when he’s needed?) It’s aptly named because we know exactly where it resides above our belts and on our bellies.  “Femur” doesn’t provide … Continue reading

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Life Is Not That Difficult

Circa 1969, AM radio: my first real job spinning records on a Saturday night as a high school junior like I’m home but instead entertaining Manitowoc, Wisconsin.  Dream job, mistakes and all. Sometimes there would be callers with comments like, … Continue reading

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The “Walking Dead”

They are the ones breathing and moving about but their breath is old oxygen and their movements are circular. Their appearance to us seems normal or expected but inside them only lives the regrets, remorse or rehashed failures or losses.  … Continue reading

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Empty Yourself

Empty Yourself.

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