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The Blessed Mother’s “Itch”

The Blessed Mother and the 8th grade class of 2018 have something in common. Both have said, “Yes” to an unknown. And that is a wonderful experience. Saying “Yes,” in faith as Mary did and your “Yes” to living your … Continue reading

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One Funeral for A Married Couple

(Unusual as it is, Jean was in hospice but Bob got sick and died. Jean passed away shortly after. One sermon for two people.) “Since he was the only man in Beauty Salon school he decided to date each student … Continue reading

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The Gospel According to Apple

A reading from the Holy Gospel that Saints Mark, Matthew, Luke or John should have written. Thousands of people and their friends began a journey through their respective cities but did not wish anyone to know about it for fear … Continue reading

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Your Personal Beanstalk

The Bible today tells us about a cedar tree, I couldn’t point one out to you if it were standing in front of me. Sorry, prophet Ezekiel. And, my apologies to Jesus. I’ve never planted a seed in my life … Continue reading

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Faith’s List

I hate lists. They’re intended to guide you toward an end but rarely is the end ever met. You miss a step or something falls apart, and you need to start all over again. Human nature can never be reduced … Continue reading

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Home’s Morsels

It’s the small piece you break off before eating the rest yourself. It’s that tiny piece dropped to the floor to satisfy an anxious dog beneath your kitchen table. It’s your only pathway that leads you back home. It’s those … Continue reading

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