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It’s the first of her five but I dismissed her list years ago as if there’s a system I must follow in order to pass Monopoly’s “Go” and get my $200.00. There is no formula to grieving but only the … Continue reading

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The Time of Dusk, II

“Can you hold on for a minute, I have another call.” “You’ll call is very important, please stay on the line” (first-time caller hears) “Please listen carefully as our menu has changed.” “Can you wait just a few minutes, I … Continue reading

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Some “How To’s” for Lent

So you missed Ash Wednesday. Lent’s begun and there is always time to jump into the desert as John and Jesus did. If Advent is grounded in hope and promise then Lent is a suspension of time. Spending forty days … Continue reading

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Musically Copying Jesus

I’m listening to an “easy listening” station right now that plays instrumental versions of the originals songs. It’s relaxing and I can fill in many of the lyrics. Those guys like Roger Williams, Percy Faith, Bert Kämpfert, (I think you … Continue reading

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Unemployed or “Every Day Is Saturday”

If someone asks me what day it is I now say that, “I think it’s Saturday.” I add “think” so they don’t put me away but inside myself, I truly believe in the Saturday-ness of it all right now. My … Continue reading

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It’s “Who,” Not “Why”

I’m told an unreasonable child at two or three years of age will refute all of mom’s declarative statements seeking a reasonable response to the question, “Why?” Mom tries her best to show her best reasoning by speaking to a … Continue reading

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“Note to Myself”

In the movie, the rich guy in the fancy car says to his handheld recorder, “Note to myself” which is later transcribed by his secretary and placed on his desk. “Can’t forget that,” “Great quote,” “Gotta save this one.” Where … Continue reading

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Silence fills my kitchen. Not a mouse’s squeak nor a car’s crackle disturbs its enveloping presence. At my age, it’s wonderfully welcomed but glaringly empty for a twenty-year-old on a Friday night. Winter is silence’s sanctuary and silence is time’s … Continue reading

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Author Reads A Story

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