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“Anticipatory” Advent

What a great word.  It’s an adjective but unfortunately we use it as a verb as though we can propel forward and predict outcomes that haven’t happened. In our minds we have the ability to end what hasn’t begun.  We … Continue reading

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Christmas Tradition: “The Iron Curtain”

Raised in the 50’s when the Iron Curtain was an imaginary and exaggerated fear, our home had its own iron curtain on Christmas Eve.  Although only made of cotton, it still kept from us from one place to another.  The … Continue reading

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“The Circle Game”

Round & Round She Goes… Perry Como sang, “it goes round and round…” and probably no one remembers the song except me. Anyway, I bought a cylinder toy for my cats. It sits on the floor and casts a small … Continue reading

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The Banquet of the Resurrection

This resurrection business must be tiring work, Jesus is always eating.  Each time he’s with his followers and after wishing them “Peace” is “What’s in the refrigerator?”  This guy just can’t get enough nutrition in him.  (I wonder if this … Continue reading

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Glue & Faith

We don’t think of glue as a theological word but is there a more significant word for our lives of faith?  Glue binds broken pieces, reconnects pieces that fit together and is, well, sticky. We often hear that “mom was … Continue reading

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Advent: Mark 13:33-37, First Sunday of Advent

I could be making a million dollars a years.  Instead I’m here with you today.  All the money I could be making from my television show, books and DVDs to ease me easily into retirement. And it’d be all based … Continue reading

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“We Lose A Library”

“When an old person dies, we lose a library,” is a loosely stated African proverb.  How true.  How much that person has read throughout life and digested from fun fiction to telling biographies to shocking newspaper headlines. Digested but remembered?  … Continue reading

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One, Tiny Flame

There it is, now lit.  It took longer to light this time because the wick is lower and I just can’t seem to reach deep enough inside to relight it.  But I did. The house is still heated, I can’t … Continue reading

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The Gift

There it was.  Wrapped in bright, shiny, red paper with a fancy bow on top.  It’s been under the Christmas tree forever or only a few hours.  The waiting kills me, always has.  All these barriers between now and then.  … Continue reading

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Phobias: ReVisited

Agoraphobia  fear of choice,  –  you may have to live with it. Claustrophobia fear of being left alone because you’ve successfully alienated everyone around you. Homophobia  fear of yourself. Necrophobia  fear that the casket will not close because of your weight. … Continue reading

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