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The Gift

There it was.  Wrapped in bright, shiny, red paper with a fancy bow on top.  It’s been under the Christmas tree forever or only a few hours.  The waiting kills me, always has.  All these barriers between now and then.  … Continue reading

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Phobias: ReVisited

Agoraphobia  fear of choice,  –  you may have to live with it. Claustrophobia fear of being left alone because you’ve successfully alienated everyone around you. Homophobia  fear of yourself. Necrophobia  fear that the casket will not close because of your weight. … Continue reading

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Bless This Cane of Mine

“Lord, you have given me many gifts and opportunities in my life and I hope I’ve lived up to Your hope for me.  I’m not sure if You’ve given me this cane but please inspire me to see it as … Continue reading

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The Red Chair

There it is at the end of the hall.  I am see it clearly.  How long will it take me to reach it? I remember, just last, how easily that distance was reached.  Now it teaks me longer because my … Continue reading

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