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Christmas Tradition: “The Iron Curtain”

Raised in the 50’s when the Iron Curtain was an imaginary and exaggerated fear, our home had its own iron curtain on Christmas Eve.  Although only made of cotton, it still kept from us from one place to another.  The … Continue reading

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“The Circle Game”

Round & Round She Goes… Perry Como sang, “it goes round and round…” and probably no one remembers the song except me. Anyway, I bought a cylinder toy for my cats. It sits on the floor and casts a small … Continue reading

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The Banquet of the Resurrection

This resurrection business must be tiring work, Jesus is always eating.  Each time he’s with his followers and after wishing them “Peace” is “What’s in the refrigerator?”  This guy just can’t get enough nutrition in him.  (I wonder if this … Continue reading

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Glue & Faith

We don’t think of glue as a theological word but is there a more significant word for our lives of faith?  Glue binds broken pieces, reconnects pieces that fit together and is, well, sticky. We often hear that “mom was … Continue reading

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