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Music: The Clocks of Our Lives

Whether I hear it again on the radio or in my head, there are songs that mark my time. The past becomes the present when the melody is replayed as sure as a clock strikes midnight. Anything by The Ray … Continue reading

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Orwell’s Message

George was right in his futuristic thinking that presently we love to loathe in. I’m not sure about other states but in Wisconsin dump speech is used effortlessly and instantly agreed upon but the listeners.  “Beautiful day today?” says one … Continue reading

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Squirrel’s Nest

FOR SALE Spacious, two bedroom “den” located between tree branches high atop a quiet neighborhood because it’s high atop the neighborhood. Features include: bathroom (where ever you choose), dining room (as long as your cheeks are full), fireplace (just kidding, … Continue reading

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Kids Show Us How To Age

They are carefully held at birth, some in proverbial swaddling clothes, fed often, night light turned on, homework completed, learning not to just print, small tasks are assigned to begin testing the waters, ironing and folding are folded into their … Continue reading

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Angels in the Snow

Bright and early we’re outside all bundled up with the sun shining and mounds of snow still on the ground.  The cold air doesn’t even register against our bodies as it will many years later.  (“Wind chill” wasn’t invented yet.) … Continue reading

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Air-Miles for Jesus

Frank Sinatra knows what he’s singing about.  It’s not about the destination but it’s all about the flight.  “Come, fly with me.”  Flying “Coach” is the one who takes little risks, says the right things and ruffles very little feathers … Continue reading

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Christmas Wish List

The waiting is over.  The waiting is truly over. The clock has stopped The bus has arrived The pot is boiling The movie’s started The bill’s been paid The alarm clock is buzzing The doctor will see you now The … Continue reading

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God, Jr.

There are probably worst things in the world but that list would have to include being named after your father, as in ”Junior.” You don’t believe me?  Just think of poor Frank Sinatra,… Jr.  I can rest my case. This … Continue reading

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He Lifted Him Up

“Porch night” as usual for me as the weather warms and the guy across the street exits holding his tiny son.  Like a Chinese vase, he holds him close to himself.  No carriage or stroller for this masculine guy who’s … Continue reading

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A Feeble Funeral Attempt

Attending a simple service for a friend in a funeral home, I was taken back by the minister.  He didn’t know the deceased but that did not prevent him from putting on a pretty good show.  The funeral home must … Continue reading

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