Squirrel’s Nest


Spacious, two bedroom “den” located between tree branches high atop a quiet neighborhood because it’s high atop the neighborhood.
Features include: bathroom (where ever you choose), dining room (as long as your cheeks are full), fireplace (just kidding, my wife and I thought about it and decided it was not a good idea), master bedroom (there’s a caste system among us as well), children’s bedroom in the back with a colorful, tasteful “nut” wallpaper.  If not interested in ownership, we also offer a time share if your squirrel’s nest becomes invested or suddenly drops twenty feet.  Or, choose us for our two-week summer and kept your Florida residency, for tax purposes.
Easy payment plans available through our Cayman accountant.  Fantastic aerial view of people coming and going and especially of their rooftops.  Gated entrance (who else can run up a tree trunk in seconds flat!?).  Must see.  Just ask the priest who marvels at our one-day creation.
Financing available, only serious calls will be returned.  Craigslist is for sissies, call me direct.

Mr. Never-A-Moment-Lost Squirrel, LLC.

About Rev. Joe Jagodensky, SDS.

A Roman Catholic priest since 1980 and a member of the Society of the Divine Savior (Salvatorians). www.Salvatorians.com. Six books on the Catholic church and U.S. culture are available on Amazon.com.
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