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Approaching 64 Year’s Checklist

John didn’t make it with his tragic end at 40 and George was only 58.  Ringo’s the oldest at 75 and Paul is a young 73.  I’ve been waiting for their song to come true for me since their “Sargent … Continue reading

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Graceful Moments

As youngsters we talk to animals, whether stuffed or real.  We sleep with them and feel an unbreakable bond.  Perhaps this union helps us move into the real world.  I shouldn’t say “talk” because words are only between you and … Continue reading

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“Who Do You Say That I Am”

Just like St. Luke, I say unto you that, “I too have decided, after investigating everything accurately anew, to write it down in an orderly sequence just for you,” most excellent and faithful St. Sebastian parishioners. Jesus unrolled the scroll … Continue reading

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“2” Degrees of Separation

Returning from a relaxing vacation, I stand watching everyone’s baggage revolve around me waiting for mine to appear.  No one talks to each other lest human interaction occur even though we’ve just shared a two-hour flight.  I can tell from … Continue reading

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“Priest, Prophet, King”

As a priest I have the privilege of baptizing a child.  The water part is my favorite (after a boring litany of Biblical references to water) when I slowly pour the water over the tiny head that will replace both … Continue reading

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Movie Part

You excitedly run home with the news of a lifetime, “I got a part in a movie!”  You tell family and friends as they envy their small chance to ever, ever appear in a feature film. So let’s reduce your … Continue reading

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I Know the “Why,” Just Not the “How”

We all ask the question, “Why?” like a six year old, expecting a cogent and clear answer.  That answer never arrives no matter if the question is the origin of children or the meaning of life.  It’s all in the … Continue reading

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Our Need To Give

“Tis the season of giving” December tells us as though giving has a beginning and an end.  We even add a little cute word at the beginning giving us a festive feeling. We need to give.  That’s the beginning and … Continue reading

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