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Easter, “Amazing”

It began a couple of years ago. I was good at it for a long while, but slowly, I needed assistance. I couldn’t do it alone any longer. You could say that I didn’t trust myself anymore. I, I, I … Continue reading

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The Days Before Easter, Triduum

Three days.  We have three days or is it rather a week or is it a month or even maybe years…. Three feelings melded into one with always a happy ending at the end.  Three feelings that hit both ends … Continue reading

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“Doubting Thomas”

Thomas was the one who held out his belief in Him until Jesus appears to him after the resurrection.  He’s supposed to represent the rest of us believers who doubt, sometimes or a lot of the times.  Yet Thomas does … Continue reading

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Easter Sunday

I’ve tried to keep it a secret but I’ve been in Rehab for the past two weeks.  It’s called “Priests Who Think Too Highly Of Themselves.”  I was surprised by the large number who attend.  I was told there’s a … Continue reading

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Holy Week – Wash, Rinse & Iron

Holy Thursday “Wash, Rinse, Iron” is these three days – Thursday, Friday, Saturday.  We “wash” on Holy Thursday, “rinse” on Good Friday and on Holy Saturday we “iron.” I know it may sound disrespectful or ordinary but it is the ordinary … Continue reading

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