The Blessed Mother’s “Itch”

itching1The Blessed Mother and the 8th grade class of 2018 have something in common. Both have said, “Yes” to an unknown. And that is a wonderful experience. Saying “Yes,” in faith as Mary did and your “Yes” to living your faith, soon to be tested in high school and throughout your lives.

Your “Yes” is telling God that you recognize your talents and abilities. The Church calls them a “gift.” But I’m not sure about that.

I think a better word for uncovering, discovering and using our talents and abilities is an…it’s an itch. My leg itches, my mouth has an itch, my head suddenly needs to be scratched. Look! My hand now has an itch!

In the Western movies, the outlaw stands in the street facing the sheriff and says, “I’m itching for a fight.” There’s an old rock song called, “Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart.” (“The Supremes”)

Abilities and talents – God given and God blessed every step of the way when they are authentic and benefit humanity.

My itching leg? Could I become an athlete? A Phy Ed coach?
My itching head? Could I become a philosopher? A writer? Someone itching to do Math?
My itching hand? I could become a wielder or an engineer or a doctor/nurse – a pianist?
My itching mouth? Could I become a public speaker – even with a sometimes stuttering problem? Could I teach as good as the teachers have taught you, some of you for a full eight years.

What do you do with an itch? Why, you scratch it and see what happens. If it doesn’t itch anymore than you know you answer. If it continues to itch – you knows there’s a “Yes” from God wanting for a response, a commitment, a promise, a dedication. To the eighth graders and to all of you who will one day be in eighth grade – just like the Blessed Mother – we say “Yes” when God comes itching into your hearts and souls.

I guess the Church was right after all. Our talents and abilities are gifts – given to us by God, to be used in God’s name. But I’m also right. Those gifts live within with an itching to be unwrapped, to the glory and honor of God.

May God bless you soon-to-be graduates of Christ King parish. Itch away.

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