Blessing of Hospice Rooms & Nurses Station

Holding Hands with Elderly Patient

Hospice Rooms Blessing

Lord of mercy, This is a person’s last room. A place where life eternal meets a life lived. A place of peace and contentment – not only within these walls but within the hearts of all who enter. May tears flow freely and may laughter break apart awkward silences. May loving stories be shared to be remembered. May silence also have a space for quiet prayer. Fulfilled lives will occupy this room, regardless of human age but of the endless age to come.

May the Lord bless this place with serenity, tranquility, and repose. Amen.

Nurses Station Blessing

It looks like a place full of computers and papers containing medical, insurance and other business stuff but it is a place where precious lives are afforded a peaceful release from life. May the resident’s face always live in your minds and hearts as numbers and facts are recorded. May all who work in this space wake up with an eager hope and return home satisfied. When stress occurs, don’t drink coffee but take a short walk and breath back into yourself the passion that called you to the ministry of hospice care.

May God bless this work area. Amen.

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