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Easter Suffering

The apostles “rejoiced that they were found worthy to suffer…” “Worthy?”  What kind of word is that?  “Unworthy” is the easy word we use to describe ourselves so that we’re not responsible for anything or anyone.  After all, I’m “unworthy.”  … Continue reading

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Easter 2015

How many Easters does this make for you?  15? 30? 75?  80? 90?  Here we go again with this Easter joy stuff. When I was young Easter meant searching for colorful Easter eggs carefully hidden all around our house.  We … Continue reading

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Bagless For A Night

It happens to someone else until it happens to you and then it takes on your life.  Due to flight circumstances my bag beat me to Milwaukee while I was still in Florida.  (Couldn’t I have traveled in the bag … Continue reading

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Easter Sunday

I’ve tried to keep it a secret but I’ve been in Rehab for the past two weeks.  It’s called “Priests Who Think Too Highly Of Themselves.”  I was surprised by the large number who attend.  I was told there’s a … Continue reading

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