The Power of Grace


Gracefully graced each day of our lives.

She gracefully entered the room and graced us with her presence as she said Grace by saying that we are “full of grace.”
How many words can act as a proper noun, adverb, verb and noun?  I can’t think of any other.  Perhaps that’s what makes “grace” so flexible and fluid.  You never know in your life which way grace will act or show herself.  One of the most important religious words because of its power and influence in our lives is grace.  It is also a great American word because we get something for nothing!  (Is there anything more American?  “Wow, you mean I get a free tote bag just for stopping by your booth?  How many pens can I take with me?”)

Be that as it may, one day we just feel in a rut.  You love your job but it’s just one of those fleeting feelings that seems to overwhelm you.  Well, grace the verb is just what you need.  Call it a spiritual vitamin that enriches and renews the job that you love.  That same day you may notice something new about someone or your routine will be broken and a new challenge awaits you.

You feel competent and confident.  You’ve got life’s things pretty well figured out when along comes grace the proper noun in the person of someone who enlightens and inspires you.  (You didn’t know that was possible any longer but it happened to you and you welcome the new insights.)

A task quickly becomes a chore for you.  You’re not sure which direction to pursue to complete your project on time.  The deadline is heading toward you and you’re not ready until grace the adverb offers a quick suggestion that loosens your anxiety and turns it into creative energy.  You find that you’ve finished the project ahead of schedule.

40 years of your life passes or even 60 and that crazy transition time rattles your head and releases new questions that now baffle you.  Never asked before, you wonder where these questions come from that now fill your quiet time.  In just the nick of time you forget about the pondering questions and just sit in this in between time that we all experience at different times in our development.  Slowly by emptying ourselves of unanswered questions, we find ourselves getting filled up with new revelations, a new twist to an old way of thinking, a different perspective solving an old problem and a renewed sense of what’s important to you in life and what is just silly thoughts.  For this you can thank the giver of grace, God.  I think God loves personal development and an evolution to become even more fully the person that God created.

Flexible and fluid – grace – in whatever part of speech you may need it.

About Rev. Joe Jagodensky, SDS.

A Roman Catholic priest since 1980 and a member of the Society of the Divine Savior (Salvatorians). Six books on the Catholic church and U.S. culture are available on
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