The Nap

dad_sleeping_on_a_couch_0515-1005-1302-0329_SMUWe were forced to do in the afternoon instead of playing outside in the beautiful sun with friends. How many years later we often plan for one or heavy eyelids forces one.

A nap. I call it a “gift from God” as my eyes close for one glorious hour. I wake up and the rest of the day awaits me. I think to myself, “I slept well last night, so why this burst of tiredness at two in the afternoon?” I don’t answer myself, but I think my body thanks me. Deciding to read a book instead of one is useless thinking. Talk about a sedative! By page two both the book and my head are down. (yes, there is one) benefits a nap by, “boosting your mood, zapping stress, and recharging” ourselves. Three rewards anyone on Medicare need. It never happens in your bed, that’s reserved for all night sleep. An easy chair or couch are acceptable venues. My twitchy leg tells me when mine is complete. For others, it may be a quick sneeze, cough or a ringing phone.

Nap is an Old English word, “hnappian,” similar with Middle High German “napfen.” Cat prefaces the word, but I totally disagree. My cats don’t nap, they purely sleep away most of the day.

I had one earlier this afternoon which explains my clever writing ability and keen perspective on this Godly gift.

Tomorrow’s another busy day but don’t doubt that I’ll find time for a quick one, even if only a few minutes.

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  1. says:

    I read this right after a nap this afternoon. Mary


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