Ruminating Dusk

There it goes again as it did last night and centuries ago. It’s my bay kitchen window view, only this time it’s at 4:30 pm. or 8:30 if it’s July. It’s a transition from the known (the passing today) to the unknown (tomorrow).

The descending brilliant orange colors along with orange’s fading shades are slowly coupled with hints of grey and darker greys alerting me that once again a tomorrow will arrive.

Advent and Lent are both about transitions. Each starts and ends yielding themselves to a new season of life living.

If my tomorrow continues like my today then what’s the point of those alerting seasons? Let’s just skip to the good parts and forget about each season’s anticipations and preparations. (Sounds very American to me, don’t you think?)

Both seasons invite spiritual growth. Advent’s new life and Lent’s renewal of life. Yearly offered to us by the Church, not to tease us with Christmas or Easter but to search our souls to find the soul of Christ.
The sky now shows more grey but the orange’s hint remains at 4:57 pm.

I learned from my pastoral care work that this time of day is the most unnerving for those with Alzheimer’s disease. Their minds continue to make the transition only without the transition. “Agitation and aggression” is written in their medical records during this time. How sad. They are only experiencing what you and I do. I suggested reciting the rosary to them but I don’t think it ever happened. The rosary for them would be a calming, no matter their religion. The rosary or similar prayers for us is the movement from one haunting, troubling thought or condition to a new perspective.

5:03 pm. Only a slight light remains as the night begins and I love it. This view provides me with the second most powerful potion. The first is the Eucharist.

No matter our disposition whether it’s a new diagnosis, confusion about faith, strengthening our faith, a lost spouse or friend, or just a wanting to give up on this whole faith thing, it’s Advent. This year, it’s Advent. Like any Advent, you will never, ever know again.

5:08 pm. Almost completely dark outside with a slight wind to remind me who’s in charge. What will or what can I do to make this Christmas, at least a small piece of, what God created me to be?

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