Teachers: planting seeds

(a grade school sermon at a Catholic school)

thThe Gospel story of seeds – some temporary, some impulsive, others victims of the latest fad and finally the seed that blossoms and continues to grow. It all began in a Catholic school for me and is celebrated yearly at the end of January during Catholic Schools Week.

My 6th-grade nun was Sr. Mary Discipline. She taught me patience. It doesn’t always work, but her name comes to mind when I get lazy.

2nd grade was Sr. Mary Joy. I don’t believe I learned much from her, but she showed me true joy, even when life gets tough.

Sr. Mary Books taught my 4th-grade class. She talked about books for the whole year. I still remember some titles. She loved to show us, kids, how to enjoy and cherish reading.

7th grade was Sr. Mary Music. We sang and sang song after song – always religious – she also introduced us to classical music. It didn’t work for me for many years until adulthood. Now I choose classical music whenever the radio is on.

Actually, I lied. Those were not my grade school teachers in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. My grade school teachers were first, Sr. Manet; second, Sr. Cheryl; third, Sr. Theresa; fourth, Mrs. Danielson; fifth, Mrs. Schroeder; sixth, Sr. Thomas; seventh, Sr. Louis and eighth was Sr. Patricia Ann. (Mrs. Swetligt figures in there somewhere but I forgot where.)

Seeds were planted, some were planned and others were unexpected. But, if in fifty years, you can name your grade school teachers, then good soil was given to you to grow and care for the rest of your lives.

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