A Blessing of the Nativity Manger

mangerHere they all are again in front of us. And here we are again. They are presented to us for our adoration and our emulation. We call them the “Holy Family.”

Over here is “Silent Joseph” whose words are never spoken but whose dreams all come true. Thank you Joseph for listening to something more powerful than words. Can we do the same?

Next to Joseph is the “Enriching Cow” wondering whose milk he can nourish. Could it be that child? Whose body can he provide for needed meat. Thank you Mr. Cow for the gift of your life given for others. Can we do the same?

Over there is Mr. Donkey whose durable body carries a pregnant woman soon to be called “mom.” Thank you, Mr. Donkey for carrying our Mother and the Savior of the world to safety. Can we carry someone and do the same?

On top of us roams “Hovering Angels” smiling at our unsolvable problems that always contains a solution, smiling at what we call “worth” down here when our worth is contained in up there with you. Thank you Hovering Angels and please keep watch over us. We need all of you.

I didn’t forget her. In front of us is Mary, a simple name that gains stature because of what she represents and presents to us. Simplicity made grandeur, humility that finds peace, perseverance leading toward life’s next inch when those previous inches failed. Thank you Mary for embracing all of life’s contradictions and treasuring them within your heart. For they are all lived through you and all solved because of this one mangy manger.

And the newborn? We already know about him. He’s living within us whenever we speak, think or do.

Here they all are again for our adoration and emulation.

The Marriott was full. They didn’t have enough points for the Bethlehem Sheraton and Tom Bodett forgot to “leave the light on.”

So this mangy, meager manger full of unlikely people, beasts and celestial beasts gives us – never a wink, it’s not a promise, certainly not a “good luck with that” remark but gives us the foundation and context and true hope for a transforming and “holy family” world.

Can we do the same within our own families?

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