Where Is “It?”

Lost-Box-300x300“I know it’s around here somewhere, I saw it the other day. Or, was it the day before that; or it doesn’t matter what day, what matters now is to find it.

After all, I have a small apartment. You’d think an apartment is a perfect place for older folks to find compartments to store stuff they may someday need.

It’s not limited to material things but my escaping thought about who played in that 1940 movie that I love. I played the alphabet game, but not a single letter struck me. I could use a computer, but that’s the teenagers way out. I’m determined to earn that lost name after I uncover the it that I need before Noon. Healthcare people talk about losing your car keys. Dumb people. I know exactly where my car keys are, it’s this it that baffles me.

I have my special places for specials items that may need attention in some unforeseen future. I review those items wondering what future I was foreseeing, however, it was not among them. It’s funny how the eye moves to the trash as though I’d throw something valuable away. Why, on earth, would I do such a thing? I remember thinking that I ought to make a copy of it, just in case, but then thought to myself, “Why would I lose something I want to keep?” So, I stored it. I saved it in what has now become a very, very, safe place. It’s not a ‘rainy day, ’ but it’s an it that I need by Noon. I retrace my steps and thoughts over the past two days, but nothing is clicking. I suspect there is no “Ahhh” moment to my search.

Praying to St. Anthony is a Catholic thing, but he must be busy uncovering more important its for other thoughtless Catholics. I was told to think of something else, and then my mind will relax and in my lose it will reappear in my mind. That’s easy to say when you don’t have a deadline. I’m already thinking of another it that I need but can’t find.

“The mind is a terrible thing to waste,” said a wise person who probably find his it with great ease. My mind is fine, I only need to find it, soon. I remember how it looks, how I carefully folded it with the text facing upwards so I’d know its content. Then, I placed it…I placed it…I placed it…somewhere in what has now become a huge building instead of my cozy apartment.

Oh damn. It’s twelve thirty and I’ve forgotten what I was looking for. I think this is a good time for a nap.”

(Three o’clock, that very afternoon, the actor’s name pops into my head without requesting it. “Charles Boyer,” “Gaslight.” But where is it?)

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About Rev. Joe Jagodensky, SDS.

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