“‘The Young Rascals’ & God”

GroovinHow can I be sure
In a world that’s constantly changin’?
How can I be sure
Where I stand with you?

Lord God, if I knew where to begin, I guess I’d be praying to You but where to begin? If life is a deck of cards then I’ve been cut and cut again and dealt rotten, losing hands for years now.
The consistency I’ve looked for has eluded me since I was young.
What makes You so sure that You’re the “something” that is missing in my life. You’ve been so torn apart over the centuries, what makes You so sure that my trust in You is worth it? And, if You’re not sure, then how can I be sure?
Why should I trust You?


Whenever I am away from you
I wanna die
’cause you know I wanna stay with you
How do I know?
Maybe you’re trying to use me
Flying too high can confuse me
Touch me but don’t take me down

How can you escape God? For how many years and days now I’m sure that I’m doing my own thing. I’m in charge. It’s a no brainier. These illusions of a “God,” I find it amusing especially, listening to people who sound so dependent and wound up in this invisible thing that seems to roam the world and the other-world as well. How quaint.

“I Don’t Care”

Whenever I
Whenever I am away from you
My alibi is tellin’ people I don’t care for you
Maybe I’m just hanging around
With my head up, upside down
It’s a pity
I can’t seem to find someone
Who’s as pretty ‘n’ lovely as you

I’m a hit at parties when the topic of God comes up. I can refute any argument they throw at me. It doesn’t take much thinking, I just listen to their imaginary tales and point by point take it apart. I even get listeners laughing at the ease I can dismiss and show the fools that these believers are.

Certainty Amid Doubt

How can I be sure
I really, really, really, wanna kno-o-ow
How’s the weather?
Weather or not, we’re together
Together we’ll see it much better
I love you, I love you forever
You know where I can be found
How can I be sure
In a world that’s constantly changing?
How can I be sure?
I’ll be sure with you.

What works at parties doesn’t always cut it though when I’m alone. In the quiet of the night my mind can wander and my mind even wonders. “Weather or not,” misspelled but powerful in its meaning. There is no season to discovering who God is for anyone, especially for me. I don’t see God as that constant in this ever changing world but yet I wonder and wander sometimes who He can be and who He is in my life.

Oh, what the heck, go ahead and deal the cards one more time.

About Rev. Joe Jagodensky, SDS.

A Roman Catholic priest since 1980 and a member of the Society of the Divine Savior (Salvatorians). www.Salvatorians.com. Six books on the Catholic church and U.S. culture are available on Amazon.com.
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