An Angel & A Bird Converse

Image(today’s conversation)

Angel:  “I was made by God, you know the “Big Guy.”  My wings are bigger than yours.
Bird:  “Dude, I can fly through all kinds of obstacles and never get thrown.”
Angel:  “I can talk to people on earth about important things that will effect their lives.”
Bird:  “I can build a nest in nothing flat and create a brood of new Mes.”
Angel:  “I look human but I’m not which is what makes me marketable and a commodity for human consumption.”
Bird:  “My life is shorter, indeed, but my experiences are vast and enveloping.”
Angel: “I can both think and have wings.”
Bird: “I can fly.  Enough said!”

(notice the subject of each sentence)
(another version of the same exchange)

Angel: “You’re wings are smaller than mine but I noticed that you fly much faster and higher than I can.”
Bird: “Yes, but yours are more appealing to the masses and the mere ornithologist only lists me among the others of my kind.”
Angel:  “But you are God’s creature?”
Bird: “Yes, but you are a creation of God.”
Angel: “Do you mean that I am a creation of God’s imagination and not real?”
Bird:  “Yes, you’re invisibly real.  Ummm, is that even possible?”
Angel:  “I guess that it is.  You see from my picture that I’m ruminating with my hand to my chin.  What’s with that.”
Bird:  “I think it means that I’m looking out for my next meal and you’re looking out for all those people who look like you only without the wings.”
Angel:  “That’s a scary thought.  Do you think I make a difference in the world or just another ornament for their shelf?”
Bird:  “Look.  You have it all over Mary Martin.  I can fly faster and higher than you on any given day but you can influence and effect ( or is it affect, I always get those two mixed up.)
Angel:  “You really think so?”
Bird:  “Look again.  Birds are for amusement without names or practical purpose but you guys influence, touch and invade the human heart with gentle and loving thoughts.
Angel:  “Wow, I’m glad I’m an angel but what about you?”
Bird:  “Don’t worry about me.  I see my next meal now so I’ll humor the neighbor with my flurry flights of satisfaction.

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