Two Guys On A Thursday Night

hearts_and_musical_notesSupper was enjoyable but it wasn’t the point that Thursday night. It’s the guy in front of his grand piano and off to the side the guy on his trumpet.

No introductions or warm-ups. Jumping right into a favorite song of theirs begins the evening ritual. Mellifluous thirds and thirteenths are floated off the piano along with life-learned minor chords. The trumpeter supports the melody with some added frills thrown in to buttress either the Burt Bacharach or Michel Legrand standards.

Music is all that matters for this ninety-minute session. Both are professionals but tonight there are no thoughts of appointments, no pending cases or past patients. No cell phone interruptions and only me as their invited intruder that Thursday night.

Trumpeter gently remarks, that, “Something’s not right here.” A discussion ensues inviting the pianist to play the melody with just one finger. “There’s the problem.” Solved. Back now to the wonderful memories, these songs retrieve with a new version enjoyed that Thursday night.

This wasn’t a “jam session,” that’s for kids in a garage. This was more like a cabaret only without the torch song singer or a chattering bar of patrons.

The evening seems to know when to end. It’s getting late and the two will need to tend to those forgotten items tomorrow. I spot a flute standing in the corner and pianist says that his wife is taking it up again. “Wonderful,” I respond. Perhaps, their Thursday night ritual will be renamed like Peter, Paul and Mary, “Six Legs and a Bra!”

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