It Keeps Thundering but No Rain

Today was sunny and beautiful but a bit humid.  I could smell the growing moisture and then the emerging clouds confirmed my scent.  It grew darker and the rain began and it was wonderful.

Moments before a couple from across the street decided to take an afternoon stroll and I’m sure that they hurriedly ran back home.  The rain slowly began, then grew to full throttle for about ten minutes until it silently subsided leaving the clouds behind as a reminder of what just happened.

Rain makes the grey and yellow colors, green once more.  Rain nourishes our plants and shrubs.  Rain makes our food.  How else would we be able to eat watermelon year ’round without that wet stuff falling from the sky.

If the movie you’re watching is getting boring then just wait for the rain to fall.  That’s the cue that a change or transformation in the hero is about to occur.  The film’s hero will discover how stupid he was and repent at her front door while the rain falls.  The whole tempo of any film changes once the water hits the pavement.  “Cue the rain,” says the director when he knows it’s time.  The streets in film are already wet to enhance the car sequences, don’t ask me why because I don’t know but just look at all the wet streets on a dry, pleasant evening.

In the business world it can thunder when you least expect it.  No warning clouds, just those ominous sounds in your heard knowing it’s about to rain.  It’s called “reapplying” for a job you presently love and hold.  It’s even scarier when it happens in a religious-based business.  You hear only the thunder but no rain nor the new green colored grass.

If you choose not to “reapply” for a position you’ve presently held for two or eighteen years then you’ve chosen not to apply for that position.  You’re not fired, you’re not warned three times or are you disciplined.  You’ve chosen not to reapply.  Unemployment compensation?  I think not.  You’ve chose not to apply.

So the job that you presently occupy is now open-listed and you need to “re” apply for it while continuing to work in the position that is no longer yours.  How about six weeks of working and waiting amid thunderous sounds in your head but still no rain.  No green coloring of new life.  It’s not raining.

My unfunny joke is that even Karl Rove could not have come up with a more deviously delicious way of treating employees.  I always associate him with the “Support Our Troops” slogan during the Iraq invasion by switching attention from that stupid war and focusing on the soldiers.  Why didn’t Robert McNamara think of that during Vietnam?  Those lost lives would have been the same but all of us would have been happily smiling while the heavy, brutal rains fell.

Six weeks of smiling faces while their reapplications are reviewed.  Six weeks of continuing in a job that is no longer theirs but still expected to be theirs.  Let the rains fall?  Where’s Judy Garland and her song?

Rainfalls are natural and we love them, especially when a rainbow appears and Judy breaks into her song.  A deluge of rain is something else.

I call those employees the “walking dead;” don’t just shoot them in the leg but shoot them in the head.  What happened to the olden days when it was said to you, “you’re fired” and you moved on.

The rains will come and the rains will end.  But to hear thunder for six weeks without the rain is pretty petty, undignified and humiliating; especially for a religious based business.

About Rev. Joe Jagodensky, SDS.

A Roman Catholic priest since 1980 and a member of the Society of the Divine Savior (Salvatorians). Six books on the Catholic church and U.S. culture are available on
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